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Senior Executive Team

Role Name Area of Responsibility (Wellbeing) Area of Responsibility (Curriculum/Teams)
Principal Mr. A. King Whole School SASS
Deputy Principal Mrs. J. Cremin Years 6, 10 & Support Unit English, Literacy, Science & Support Unit
Deputy Principal Mr. J. Howard Year 9 Engagement, History/Languages, Professional Practice & TAS
Deputy Principal Mrs. C. Lord Years 8 & 12 CAPA, Mathematics & Wellbeing
Deputy Principal Ms. A. Sahid Years 7 & 11 Administration, PDHPE & Social Sciences

Executive Team (Head Teachers)

Area of Responsibility
Administration/Mentor  Mr. M. Evans
Administration/Mentor  Ms. M. Miletic (On leave)
Administration/Mentor  Mr. N. Collins
Engagement Mr. F. Floresca
English Ms. F. Wicks
CAPA Mr. A. Faga
Literacy Mr. M. Howard
History/Languages Mr. J. Chatwin
Mathematics Mr. T. Cordin
PDHPE Mr. D. Carrozza
Professional Practice  Ms. J. Carter
Professional Practice  Mr. M. Clough
Science Mr. J. Brame
Social Sciences Ms. B. Truong
Special Education (Support Unit) Mrs. K Ford
TAS Mr. L. Miller
Wellbeing Mr. J. Floriano
Wellbeing Mr. J. Dunn

Year Advisers

Year Group (Year of Graduation) Name
Year 12 (Class of 2024) Mr. A. Faga & Ms. B. Li Donni
Year 11 (Class of 2025) Ms. L. Saliba & Mr. C. Wilcox
Year 10 (Class of 2026) Ms. A. Preston & Ms. J. Fox
Year 9 (Class of 2027)  Mr. J. Banks & Ms. R. Zaidan
Year 8 (Class of 2028) Ms. P. Kumar & Ms. A. Shannon
Year 7 (Class of 2029) Mr. N. Lee & Ms. L. Sentic
Year 6 (Class of 2030) Ms. C. Fisher & Ms. S. Hyde

Coordinators & Team Leaders

Area of Responsibility Name
Arabic/Assyrian Speaking Community Mrs N. Naim
Anti-Racism Contact Officer (ARCO) Mr. S. Nguyen
Connect Mr. J. Floriano 
Community Engagement Mr. F. Floresca
EAL/D Mrs. M. Rattos
FOCUS Mr. J. Floriano & Mr. A. Leng
Innovation  Ms. A. Preston
International Students Ms. H. Pham
Languages Mrs. M. Siutz
Learning & Support Ms. D. Kalinski & Ms. D. Carzo
Library Ms. E. Baldacchino
High Potential Gifted Education (HPGE) Mr. F. Floresca, Mr. N. Lee & Mr. D. Luzinsky
House Leadership Mr. A. Peacock & Ms. S. Hyde
Numeracy Mr. F. Floresca, Mr. N. Lee & Mrs. N. Naim
Reconnect (Late Arrival Intervention) Ms. L. Bastide & Mr. F. Floresca
Sport Ms. L. Saliba
SRC Ms. N. Tiary
Refugee Education (STARS) Ms. M. Rattos
VET Ms. E. Occhiuto
Aboriginal Education (YARN) Mr. M. Clough

Careers Team

Role Name
Careers Adviser Mrs. M. Reid
Senior Improvement Program (SIP) Coordinator Mrs. N. Naim & Mr. C. Wilcox
Junior Improvement Program (JIP) Coordinator
School Administrative Officer (Careers) Ms. A. Dovnik

School Administrative and Support (SASS) & Finance Team Leaders

Role Name
Business Manager Ms. T. Chan
School Administrative Manager Ms. A. Russo