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Opening hours

Please be sure to check our opening hours below before visiting as times can vary. For all enquiries contact Tammii and Mary on 0468 354 648 during shop hours.

Please take note of our recently updated opening times for 2023

Terms 1-4

Day Time
Monday 2-5 pm
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday 8-11 am
Thursday 11:30 am-2:30 pm
Friday 8-11 am

Mastercard and Visa Eftpos now available. Amex, Diners or Cheques not accepted. No Layby.

Online shop

Visit our dedicated shop on the Daylight Sports e-commerce website to make purchases online. Pay online using all major credit cards such as Mastercard and Visa.

Girls price list

Item Price
Junior S/S white/navy blouse $40.00
Senior S/S ice blouse $40.00
Junior 4.pleat tartan skirt $55.00
Senior 4.pleat navy skirt $40.00
Navy stretch slacks $45.00

Boys price list

Item Price
Senior S/S ice shirt $40.00
Junior S/S white shirt $40.00
Boys shorts $40.00
Junior/senior tailored trousers navy $48.00

Unisex price list

Item Price
White polo $29.00
V-neck fleecy top $40.00
Winter jacket $72.00
Senior special shorts navy $37.00

Knitwear price list

Item Price
50/50 wool jumper (knitwear) $72.00

Sports price list

Item Price
Sports Jacket $70.00
Trackpants $50.00
Sports Shirt $40.00
Sports Shorts $35.00
Sports Shorts-Long $35.00

Accessory price list
Item Price
School cap $15.00
Football socks $8.50
School scarf with crest $12.00
Tie $20.00
School backpack $70.00
White regular length socks x5 $20.00
White short ankle socks x5 $20.00
Reusable Tote bag $1.00


Students must wear traditional black hard leather lace-up school shoes. Parents should be guided by the examples on the Spendless Shoes website as to the appropriate style. This uniform requirement is based on safety as subjects including Science and Technology have particular WHS requirements to ensure that students are protected while in specialist rooms with equipment and chemicals.